Lipbone Redding

Lipbone Redding

Inventive singer, songwriter, guitarist, voice-instrumentalist and former subway musician, Lipbone Redding revs up the party with an engaging entertaining show for all ages and musical tastes. There is truly ‘something for everyone’ in the music and performances.

Soulful and rhythmic, with a distinctive pick-less picking style, Lipbone digs deeply into his surprising musical roots. His unique style is informed by everything from 20’s Jazz, Ska, Latin, Indian Classical, 70’s Soul, even Disco, and of course, years on the road as a perpetual traveler.

Lawrence “Lipbone” Redding has been playing solo shows for years. Long before he and the Lipbone Orchestra toured this great land as a top-notch trio or were heard on television and radio, Lipbone was busking in the NYC subways, telling stories and entertaining crowds. As a matter of fact, most of the memorable songs that Lipbone plays with his trio were developed in a live solo setting, first.

In an evening, the listener may experience everything from Himalayan style throat singing, catchy pop hooks, rapid-fire prose with groove accompaniment or pin-drop moments as a tale unfolds. Lipbone shows an astounding affinity for his audience, at times encouraging them to sing along, make noise and even be a part of the show. And don’t plan on sitting for too long. Lipbone has a way of making it impossible to resist the urge to start spontaneously dancing.

Then there’s his namesake. What began as an eruption of mouth noise has become a staple for avid fans, and an astonishing discovery for those experiencing this “voice-strument” for the first time.

In his colorful career, Lipbone has released 8 albums (4 with the Lipbone Orchestra) and over 20 live recordings. He has collaborated with artists, musicians, theater & dance troups, and toured widely with his tidy trio…performing over 200 shows a year! But if you want to know the man and the true scope of his art, nothing tops the profound simplicity of travel stories and guitar.


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