September 21, 2014 @ 7:30 pm
Foundry Hall
422 Eagle Street
South Haven, MI 49090
$15 reserved, $10 general, $8 members, $5 students

Born and raised in the Blue Ridge mountains of North Carolina, Malcolm Holcombe is being recognized by the contemporary U.S and European folk/americana community as a performer of national stature, and an uncommonly unique guitarist/vocalist about whom Rolling Stone magazine says: “Haunted country, acoustic blues and rugged folk all meet [here]…”

The acts of writing songs and playing music have always been hopeful ones, however bleak the subject matter of the songs might be. With Down the River, Malcolm Holcombe has once again given us a handful of songs that are testimony to the human spirit. In these songs, the old truths still hold. Love, the inner life, music, these are eternal verities and will outlast the trickery and chicanery of those who would turn us against each other. In these strange and troubled times, we need Holcombe’s witness as much as we ever have, and it is our good fortune to receive it.
Musings on Pitiful Blues, by Malcolm Holcombe

ev’rybody’s a songwriter…as i was told by tony arata in nashville…25 years ago or so…

humans are storytellers…some just damn liars.

the truth lives beyond songs and poetry, fables, folklore weighed down by human embellishments, hearsay, and emotions.

..true emotions don’t lie.

crocodile tears and teeth grinding from withdrawals of what?

…pure greed….

i struggle with truth and lies and motives…

and this pitiful blues project is a spit of the struggle

…past and present.

only the grace of God allows us a path

to decide which is which.

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